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Life Survival Coaching When You Need It

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About Me

Hi...I'm Stu, and thanks for being here!

Things are better these days. Even in all the madness of the world right now, things are better. It wasn’t always this way though. Severe anxiety, regular bouts of depression, and a very destructive relationship with myself. I have spent a lot of my life ‘lost’ in my head but, thankfully, I didn't give up asking questions, trying to figure things out. I have done my time in the trenches, have done a lot of work on myself, and now have awareness of those enemies within. They still show up, all too often, but I now know how to cope with them and ride the 'attack' out. This also helps with better managing life's other uncertainties plus that craziness of the world. I decided to become a Coach because I want to share this work with others, who may suffer similarly, to help them realise there is a choice. To help discover that you have a say in how you think and feel about yourself. To help establish a new sense of power to choose the life, work and happiness that you, that we all, deserve. Following three years of training, I am proud to be fully Accredited with the International Coaching Federation, the Gold Standard in Professional Coaching. I am also even more proud, and love, to now be helping like minded people find a new path. That new path which ultimately leads you to finding the strength you need to make those changes…

The strength to accept and find the pieces of your life which are missing.

I felt I was in overwhelm, stressed and was procrastinating in several areas of my life. 
Life somehow had lost its true purpose and direction. The sessions have helped me refocus and direct my attention to what was really important and start on a journey of healing to realise my self-worth. Having an intuitive person to work with has been the catalyst for some significant changes in the way I feel about myself and what I have to offer others. 
We all have the tools and skills within us to do what we want and need to do but it takes someone like Stuart, with his patience, great interpersonal and coaching skills, to help you move forward. If you feel stuck with any aspect of your life or career then I highly recommend this process to help you move forward and reach your true potential.

Who is the person you spend most of your time with?

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The Obstacle is the way

Things can be tough, even at the best of times plus life feels more uncertain than ever these days. Of course life has always been uncertain, we have no control, but more than ever right now it can be difficult to stay grounded. Then there's personal life, work, relationships, parenting, family, responsibilities, social media, mental and physical health. It’s fair to say there can be a lot to carry. Acknowledging the impact is where it starts, to whatever it affects and whatever you want to change. But embracing life’s difficulties, rising to the challenge of adversity is critical to how you develop in yourself. Creating the strongest version of who you can be.



Say YES to what is

It’s vulnerable but finding Acceptance of the hurt, or the thing you want to change, and where you are now, requires Courage - but it is important if you want to move on. Otherwise what you resist, persists. You cannot hope to Accept something whilst having an agenda to make it go away. It won’t work. So finding a way forward, the bridge to your new beginning, seeing that new version of yourself, relies on balancing expectations and setting achievable goals. This is an ongoing practice, but through Acceptance comes a feeling of regained Power and Invincibility. You have to be willing to say yes to what is!

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Staying on track

Creating a clear vision of who you want to be and what you want, and don’t want, in your life starts coming together when you do the work. Aligning yourself with the goal now, living it, whilst you move towards it replaces the old ‘all or nothing’ approach that so often leads to failure. This Alignment comes by designing a System of small, gradual changes which over time add up to big results. It is the most testing journey to embark on but, by strengthening the realisation that you have the ultimate say in your future, is the most rewarding one you will ever take. Awaken to that future, now in the Present Moment, and rise to a higher, clearer state of consciousness.

Wandering Traveler

Keeping with a System helps build and create Inner Certainty

to help cope with the outer uncertainty all around you.

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To find out more, just get in touch.
Much Love.

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